Belgorod rugby football union digest. March
Rugby in Yakovlevo district

BRFU coaches went to Yakovlevo district this month. They held master-classes in Moschenskaya, Ternovskaya and Seretinskaya schools and Stroitel School №1. Over 100 school kids tried playing tag-rugby. School heads are also interested in rugby, so our sport will appear in their schools as extracurricular activities.
The First Sand

8 March women RFC Belaya Krepost took part in "The First Sand" beach rugby tournament, which also was the first stage of Rugby Union of Russia indoors beach rugby Cup.
Our girls played against CSKA-2 (professional women team from Moscow), Volnie pticy (Nizhniy Novgorod), Chayka (Sevastopol) and Slava (Moscow).
"The First Sand" was a big step towards the development of rugby in Belgorod. The girls received tremendous experience and emotions that they will remember forever.
First training at Belgorod Law Institute

13 March was the first training at the Belgorod Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. BRFU coaches Kirill Gavrilov and Kirill Gnilitsky explained rules to cadets and moved on to the practice. The guys showed an excellent level of physical fitness, coordination and discipline - the most important qualities for a rugby player.
III Rugby of Belogorie

15 March the 3rd tag-rugby festival "Rugby of Belogorie" was held at Svetlana Khorkina's sports complex.
These competitions became the biggest and the most popular. 24 children's teams from Belgorod and Belgorod region took part. They were divided into 3 age groups: 2005-2006, 2007-2008 and 2009-2010 year of birth.
The winner in each group is School №50 which was Presidential Games participant (2019).
Rugby in Chernyanka

7 March Igor Zhukov White Fortress player went to Chernyanka and held a tag-rugby training session. After the warm-up the guys learned the rules, practiced how to pass the ball correctly and were divided into teams. All the participants were very excited and are waiting Igor to come and play rugby again.
New players are growing up

Rugby section in Melikhovo appeared not so long ago, but some kids already train with the adult team. At the end of March Dasha and Misha took part in game practice with Belaya Krepost. The guys are inferior to the elders in physical condition but already have understanding of the game and desire to become better players. Their coach Timur Umyarov did a great work.
In conclusion

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic did not pass us by. We are also forced to self-isolate in this difficult time. Outdoors trainings are cancelled. But we continue to train individually and went online for theoretical classes.

Wash your hands, stay safe. See you when this pandemic is over.